Give to Alice!
By Melanie Lam

Perhaps Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” had an impact on your life? Was Alice a part of your education adventure? Did you use it to make your first virtual world or dabble with animation?

Alice is a completely free platform that has introduced millions of students and educators to the power of coding and creating stories. We strive to reach the next million students globally, giving them an accessible on-ramp and confidence to create in 3D and VR. Would you consider a donation of any amount to help us get there?

Here are specific things your contribution will support:

  • Alice workshops, camps and contests aimed at those underrepresented in STEM.
  • Development to get the Alice Player working on browsers and phones so students can experience their VR worlds on affordable platforms.
  • New objects for the gallery that enable students to tell stories unique to their community and culture.
  • Research and Development to make it possible to use Alice collaboratively in the classroom.

On the CMU donation site below, search all funds for “ALICE Project” and then Tweet and tag @AliceProjectCMU to share your support!