Happy Halloween from the Alice Team
By Eric Brown

The Alice team wanted to wish you all Happy Halloween and remind everyone that our new haunted theme makes Alice perfect for a creative halloween project.

To showcase some of the exciting programming and animation opportunities our lead artist Laura has put together a spooktacular world using Alice.  Enjoy!

This video incorporates all of the characters from our new haunted circus troupe in a richly furnished haunted house (more on their history and adventures will be featured in an upcoming text book!).

In the animated short you are first greeted by Larry (skeleton) the light footed circus troupes leader dancing in the graveyard with the animated busts of the houses former inhabitants.

The disembodied pumpkin head of Nicholas the clown the troupes scholar librarian then guides you into the house reattaching to his body which is relaxing and enjoying his reanimated books.

Moving through the house you are greeted, or rather attempted to be scared, by Gideon (ghost) the trapeze artist of the troupe who is famous for his high flying and acrobatic performances.

Following a cute zombie kitten to the basement you frightfully encounter a whole swarm of zombie cats and their den mother Adelaide the troupes chemistry gifted alchemist famous for her color changing potions.

Fleeing the kittens glowing eyes through the back door you spy high above in the attic the last member of the troupe.  Through the window you see Esther (bat) the once famous singer who fled the limelight and become a mysterious recluse.  Upon seeing you she launches into the sky and flies away past the ominous full moon.

We hope that these characters inspire some great story ideas.  We will in the future be publishing more in depth character histories for more of our gallery that we hope will be a great resource for sparking world ideas.  If you are wondering how this amazing video was made watch out for a future post where Laura will share with us how she coded some of the more interesting parts of this animation.  In the meantime can you figure out they were done?

Happy Scaring!