New Hour of Code Activities
By Eric Brown

We have created new Hour of Code activities for both Alice 2 and Alice 3.

These projects will give you the chance to build a 3D world, create a storyboard, translate your story into a programmable script, and create an animation using an easy to learn programming language.  Though we themed the materials around examples using Garfield and The Sims assets in our galleries this year we made the project a little more open ended.  Instead of following along and building a very specific predesigned world we have built the activity around being creative and choosing your own characters and setting, writing your own story, and then programming your animation.

To make using Alice for Hour of Code as easy as possible regardless of your skill using or teaching Alice we have created webpages that have videos that guide you through each step of the project.  You can also download template storyboards to print, facilitation guides to follow, a ppt slide deck that you can use to guide a class or group through the activity, and even download all of the provided videos to be used offline if need be.

We look forward to hearing what you think and hope it gives an opportunity for the activity to be used by computer science or programming groups but also be used to bring Hour of Code into a language arts or even art and design class.  Please help us share this with schools, groups, and individuals that are looking for new activities.  If you video capture your worlds and share them on youtube or elsewhere be sure to let us know by dropping us an email, a tweet, share on Facebook or however you can reach us we would love to see it!

Jump on over to take a look at the activities here!

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