Using the Export to Video or Upload to Youtube feature of Alice has been problematic for a variety of reasons, many of them related to sound or the processing of inputs while recording. We have found that for more complex worlds it is sometimes better to use an external video screen recorder software. 

Open Broadcast Studio (all platforms) – Above you will find a video that shows you how to use this free software to do video capture.  This is one that we think does a very good job and is fairly easy to use.

On a Mac – The MacOS comes with QuickTime Player, which includes a video screen recorder function. See this link:

Windows – Windows 10 has built in screencapture capabilities.  See this link: For earlier versions of windows there are freeware screen recorders such as OBS mentioned above.

We are working on an Alice player that will make it possible to share fully functional worlds and we look forward to providing you that feature in the future.