A timer can be a critical element to implementing different types of gameplay. Here you will find a couple different solutions for how to implement a timer. The provided videos are thanks to great how to material creators from the community.

Using the TimerListener Event

The featured video at the moment shows one implementation using the time event listener to increment the a time variable. In the demo this is also coupled with a collision detection listener for starting and stopping the timer.

A demo world is attached to this page for a rover game. In our world the timer is connected to a game is active state that can be turned off when the timer reaches zero. We hope to add a video showing how this is implemented soon as it may be a little difficult to navigate the implementation.

Using a While Loop

The two videos found below show another approach in which a while loop is used. These both show the use of a custom timekeeper procedure. In one instance it runs concurrently to your first method code so is a total time of the world running.

Thank you to everyone for creating and sharing your instructions.  If you know of other great resources for a timer or timekeeper implementation please share.