There are many great resources for Alice on YouTube that have been creatd by our community.  Be sure to visit and bookmark these authors and playlists.  If you know of others please share with us so we can bring them to the communities attention.

Alice At Duke – This is the YouTube channel for all of the Alice at Duke videos.  It may be easier to go to the dedicated web page to navigate and find what you are looking for but this is another way to get to them.

Oracle Academy Channel – This is an extensive Oracle Academy playlist that covers a lot of great concepts and skills in nice small bite size videos.  Definitely look here to see what you may find that can be helpful.

Bill Barnum’s Alice Tutorials Playlist – Bill has created a number of great tutorials on a range of subjects including good coding tutorials on things like constructing the different control structures and a range of ways to use variables.

Mathew W Vids – There are a couple of playlists here that cover programming for beginners, a couple covering advanced programming, and short playlist answering user questions including things like how to set up a timer.  Definitely worth a peek.