This is workshop 2 in a three part series offered to educators in the 2019-2020 school year. Although you may attend a single workshop in this series, it is encouraged that you attend all three.  If you have previously attended an Intro Alice workshop you will be able to easily join at this stage.  If you have not attended a previous Alice training we would recommend you familiarize yourself with the basics of Alice covered in the lessons in the Getting Started section of the lessons resources page here.

Building on the skills learned in the immersive storytelling workshop we will apply the pre planning approach and iterative design process to interactive narratives and simple game design concepts. We will cover branching narrative design, open world design, and the creation of a game design document. These skills will be applied to a simple free point and click adventure game creation tool (Alice’s Adventure) created by CMU graduate students for helping students learn the basics of adventure game mechanics and design through an easily accessible platform. We will also expand on the Alice skills learned in the first workshop and teach how to use conditional mechanics and variables in the Alice platform so that students will have the skills they need to build interactive open worlds, branching narratives, and games using Alice.

Lunch will be provided.

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