This workshop is designed for students with little or no programming experience and teaches basic Java programming concepts through developing 3-D Animations in Alice 3.1. Alice is a free, educational, introductory Java development environment created at Carnegie Mellon University. While it is suitable for all beginning learners, it can be especially engaging for girls. Students will have fun creating animated stories and games using objects and characters from a rich gallery of 3-D models.

Target Audiences


Secondary school teachers who teach computer programming

Secondary school teachers who seek to incorporate computing into their curriculum and awaken students’ interest in computer science

May also be suitable for upper-primary school teachers, club leaders, and other general educators who wish to incorporate computer science into their curriculum


Students who wish to begin to learn about object-oriented programming and Java and to learn how to create animations using fun and engaging tools

While Alice is suitable for beginning learners of any age, our experience shows it is most engaging for upper primary and early secondary school students


Parents, volunteers, computer club sponsors and educators who may not specialize in teaching computer science who wish to deliver a workshop in their community

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