The point of this world is to create a somewhat simple and fun animation that can showcase the audio capabilities of Alice 3. I included techniques like adding and changing background music throughout the world, matching sound to animations (i.e. the footsteps of the playing card and the sounds of water as the shark moves through it), and creating my own custom audio and putting it in Alice (“Ahoy Matey!”). I think this world also shows how even just a small amount of sound can add more emotional depth and character to your worlds. Through the background music, the emotions of each moment are quite clear, and each change in background music amplifies the progression of our “story.” Even the various sound effects add great little emotional and contextual cues that may seem obvious, but reinforce the narrative (the gasp by the playing card is exasperated, showing fear, the shark sounds like he’s displacing a lot of water, meaning that he must be big and threatening). Regardless, I hope the inspires people to use more music and sound in their own worlds!


* This video makes use of audio files found in both the base sound library and effects found in the sound library expansion pack one.