This is a Beta release of both Alice Player and the accompanying Alice 3 IDE .  We will be updating this often so if you elect to use this beta please check back often to get the latest and greatest.  It is important that if there is a new Alice IDE available that you upgrade both the player and the IDE.  Changes to the export may impact the functionality of the world in the player. This beta can be used for running worlds in the Alice Player on desktop and to cast to VR.  VR support requires a specific set-up that you can read more about below.  You will want to continuously check back for new builds of both the Alice IDE and the Unity player as changes will be made to both.  View the Known Issues and Features in Development Accordions below as there is important information that may impact what models and features you use when building worlds for use with the player (example: Sims People import is not fully supported yet)

Current Alice Build Number: Build Number 500
Current Unity Player Build Number: Player Version 1.0-beta 11
Last Updated: Oct 9th 2020

Other Bui

Alice Player

The Alice player is a separate stand alone application.  To learn how to install, run, and use the Alice player please view the linked How to: Using The Alice Player How to (Found in Useful Links on this page)

Exporting Worlds

To run worlds using the Alice Player you will need to export a new save format for Alice that will have the file extension .a3w.  To export to this format you will need to use the Alice IDE Export build found on this page.  To learn how to export and run your own Alice creations view the linked How to:  Exporting For The Alice Player (Found in Useful Links on this page)

Some worlds may cause Alice to crash or you may receive errors on export as we continue to work through bugs related to the export functionality to handle all Alice functionality and patterns that students may be creating.

Enabling VR Mode

The Alice Player will also support running Alice Worlds in VR.  To learn how to run the Alice Player in VR view the linked How tos:  Using the Alice Player With Oculus VR and Using the Alice Player With VIVE VR (Found in Useful Links on this page)

VR Input Mapping

This is an area we will be continuing to improve and change as we more explicitly add VR terminology and functionality into the Alice IDE.  The first pass of our implementation has mapped existing Alice events and objects to VR inputs to make it easy to translate existing worlds to VR and have creations work for both the desktop and the VR environment.  You can view the key translations in the How to: Overview of VR Input Mappings (Found in Useful Links on this page) as well as more detailed VR Programming How tos in the Alice 3 How to Resources section of the web-site.

VR Demo Worlds

We have attached the demos we ran at CSTA and ISTE.  The folder contains both the .a3p files for use with the IDE and the .a3w files to run with the player.  They are great examples of how some very entry level Alice programming and simple programs can create rich VR experiences.  The worlds are:

AmazonBoatRide – this world makes use of one of the starter worlds in the gallery and simple object marker moves for the boar with the camera vehicled to the boat.  It is an example of a good VR pattern for a ride experience.

UnderwaterExplore – this world also uses one of our starter worlds (underwater) and includes simple looping procedures to create a school of fish to the scene to show how easy it is to create a dynamic open world.

Known Issues

This is still in Beta. We still have an active list of known issues, bugs, and features to update. This list does not encapsulate all of the undeveloped functionality just the major issues you should know before attempting to use. We are very interested to hear from you all about issues discovered to help us catalog and fix.

– Exporting Alice Worlds to A3W: Some issues will cause worlds to fail to export if the bug is on the Alice export side.  If you find a world that fails to export please let us know and share the world with us.

– Sims people are not yet fully supported with this build.  Sims models will import but they will not fully animate as we are still working out the construction of the different meshes for the sims people models to support the mouth and eyelid animations.

– There are still many edge cases that we have not yet found. These could include specific model oddities, certain procedures or functions acting strange, and more.  We would appreciate any and all feedback and bug (error) reports.  You can use our contact form to send us feedback (please select reporting a bug and the version Alice 3 Beta)