Sometimes you won’t be able to find the exact sound you want or maybe you want to record your own dialogue and add it to your world. Audacity is a great free software application that you can use to create specific sounds for your world.

Our quick tutorial is just to show the basics of how you could do something but be sure to search the Audacity site and beyond for more in depth materials to help you create your own sounds to add to Alice.

Recording Audio:

– Be sure you have a microphone plugged into your computer or on some machines there will be an internal microphone that can be used.
– Click on the the big red button with a dot (the record button) to record via the microphone.

Cleaning up the Audio:

– Depending on your surroundings you may need to do a little cleanup to remove background noise.
– highlight the area of the sound you don’t want or that only has the background noise in it.
– go to “effect,” “noise reduction” and select get noise profile. – Highlight the whole sound.
– Go back to ‘effect”, “noise reduction” and select ok at the bottom right.

Save Audio

– Now go to “file”, “export audio” and save your sound.
– Remember Alice only supports .wav and .mp3 file types.