Having sound align with the action in your animation is crucial to having it add to the realism. There are a couple ways to adjust your audio file or your animation to fine tune the syncing of the action to the sounds.

Pairing the audio with the animation

To match a sound to an animation create a do together and place both the animation and the sound in that same do together.

Adjusting to match

For a sound that is shorter than the animation that you would like to start after the animation itself begins:

– Create a do in order in your do together. 
– Drag your playAudio into that do in order. 
– Above the playAudio in the do in order, create a delay.
* Depending on the length of your sound, make sure that the full time adds up to full length of the animation or less or the program will then wait for the audio file to complete the playback before continuing. The default duration of a procedure in Alice is 1 second. If the animation is 1 second long and the sound is .8 seconds long, create a delay of .2 seconds .8 +.2 = 1 second.

For a sound that is longer than the animation that you would like to trim to match:

– Go into the custom audio settings tab.
– Shorten the end of the sound to be the same length as the animation (if the animation is 1 second and the sound is two seconds, shorten the sound to 1 second).
* Be sure to check that cutting the audio doesn’t cause a strange ending to the sound.

To stretch the animation to match the length of the audio file:

– In the drop down menu of your animation code got to “add detail” then “duration”.
– Change the length of the animation to match your sound (If you your sound is 2 seconds long and the animation is set to its default, 1 second, change the animation duration to 2 seconds).