This lesson is intended to be a more in depth lesson on the different loops control structures that can be used after the control structures overview lesson. It can be used in its entirety for all of the different loop constructs or limited to just count loops. Parts of this lesson makes use of an understanding of data types, arrays, variables, and relational expressions so can be supplemented with the short lesson materials on those subjects as needed.

*This lesson is under development with the facilitation guide, tutorials, exercises, and assessments still to come.

Learning Objectives Covered in this Lesson

• What is a repeating execution or loop?
• What is a defined looping execution?
• What is a conditional looping execution?

The Skills addressed in this lesson are:

Using Loops  
How to construct a count loop
How to construct a for each in loop
How to construct a while loop

Other lessons that can help understand terms used in this lesson are data types, arrays, relational expressions and variables.