This lesson is intended to be a more in depth lesson on the event listeners for collision and proximity. It extends the Events Overview lesson.  Collision and proximity events are an integral part to making interactive worlds. They can be used to set up triggers for worlds where there are objects moving randomly or they can be set up around open worlds in which the user is controlling the movement of a character or the camera. Parts of this lesson makes use of an understanding of arrays and parameters so can be supplemented with the short lesson materials on those subjects as needed.

*This lesson is under development with the facilitation guide, tutorials, exercises, and assessments still to come.

Learning Objectives Covered in this Lesson

• What is a bounding box 
• What is collision and Proximity Detection

The Skills addressed in this lesson are:

Using Collision and Proximity Events  
How to construct a collision detection event
How to construct a proximity detection event
How to use collision and proximity event functions

Other lessons that can help understand terms used in this lesson are arrays and parameters.