Lesson Updated Nov 7th 2019

This lesson is intended to introduce the design processes going from the idea stage, through a script or storyboard, to an algorithm design or flow chart, and finally to a programmed animation.   This guide is intended to guide the facilitator through the introduction of the problem solving process in developing Alice programs specifically for Animations.  This includes the concepts of design thinking, script writing, storyboarding, set design, algorithm development and flow charts. This should be one of the early lessons in The Alice Project’s curriculum as these skills will be referenced and can be used as a basis for future project based learning in Alice.

Learning Objectives

• Define the iterative problem solving process
• Define an animation “problem”
• Identify the key components of a story
• Define a script or storyboard
• Define algorithm design and flowchart
• Translate a story or storyboard into an algorithm design or flowchart
• Translate a story or storyboard into a set design

The Skills addressed in this lesson are:

Design Basics
Creating a storyboard / script from a problem statement
Identifying Object-Action pairs in a scrip or storyboard
Creating an algorithm / flow chart from a storyboard / script
Identifying Background Information for set design in a storyboard / script