This Lesson is intended to be an introduction of the Alice virtual world concepts and skills, provide exercise options for participants to apply the scene editing skills.  This should be one of the early lessons in any Alice curriculum.  Scene building in Alice is a key step in the process of creating any animation or interactive project.  

Learning Objectives Covered in this Lesson

• What is a virtual world / scene in Alice?
• What is a 3D object in Alice?
• Scene Editor Overview
• How to Add an Object to a Scene
• How to Position an Object in a Scene
• How to Orient an Object in a Scene
• How to Orient the Subparts of an Object
• How to Move the Camera in a Scene
• Where to find additional resources for the scene editor and scene setup 

The Skills addressed in this lesson are:

Alice Basics  
• Creating a New Scene  
• Switching between the Editors
•Saving a World

Object Manipulation
• Adding an Object to a Scene
• Positioning an Object
• Turning Objects
• Scaling Objects
• Manipulating Sub Joints (Object Parts)

Scene View Manipulation
• Using the Camera Controls
• Change the Camera View
• Using Camera Views