This introduction to Alice Hour of Code lesson follows the animation production process from storyboarding to programming with Alice and The Sims. Let creativity and storytelling drive your learning in a drag and drop coding environment. The project will guide you through what is a storyboard, translating a storyboard into a programmable script, and how to program a short 3D animation.  This lesson is a condensed version of the introductory lessons for scene design, programming, and the design process.  Those lessons linked to below can be referenced for more information and resources depending on time and skill level.

Anyone Can Code

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Overview of the Project

In this project you will animate a dialogue between characters in Alice. You will learn how to build a scene, create a storyboard, plan a program, and code an animation.

STEP 1: Build Your Scene (10 Min)

First you will explore the Alice gallery to decide where your story wil take place, who are the main characters and fill out the scene with props to help fill out the scene. Use the Sim Builder to build and customize adults, teens, and more!

STEP 2: Create a Storyboard (10 Min)

After you have decided on the who and where you will plan your animation by drawing a storyboard for you animation. Paper and Pencil Required.

STEP 3: Plan Your Program (5 Min)

Before you begin to program your animation you will want to create a programming script from your storyboard to help you think about what code you will need to generate.

STEP 4: Program Your Animation (20 Min)

It’s time to animate. Use the code editor to build your animation. Start with the basic say and think procedures. Once your basic dialogue is in place reference the advanced tutorials to add character moves and gestures and even camera moves.

STEP 5: Share and Discuss (10 Min)

Wrap up by sharing your work with your class or your friends. Discuss what it was like to program an animation.